Turn Your Small Business Into a Money Making Machine!

A private online community designed to help solopreneurs and startups to increase their likelihood of business success.

Why The Idea Room Online?

Before we answer – are you a start-up or solopreneur that wants to turn your business into an investment that creates generational wealth?  If you answered no, then we are not for you.

The Idea Room Online is for the entrepreneur that wants to strategically achieve business success.  They are tired of thinking small.  They are tired of building a job.  They are tired of feeling stuck in a business that relies on them to consistently “show up”.

Just because you started a business, doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own. 

Avoid the mistakes that many of us entrepreneurs have made  by leveraging all that we have to offer and more!

The Community

The Idea Room Online is a growing community that  offers resources, training, access to investors, coaching, consulting and more.

Jumping in the community.  Participate in training.  Leverage the resources provided so that you can strategically increase your chances of success while also avoiding costly endeavours.

Are you ready to be part of a community of other forward thinking entrepreneurs that want more?

Our online community is FREE to join, however, we want you to:

Community Benefits

Just a few of the benefits of joining our community

Consulting & Coaching

Get private 1-on-1 unlimited access to business coaches and consultants .

Online Training & Resources

Access a library of up-to-date relevant information for your business.

Connect with Entrepreneurs

Reach out and connect with other entrepreneurs without the thought of being spammed.

Access to Private Investors

Get direct access to private investors that are itching to invest in someone great.

Avoid the pitfalls of business failure.

It’s time to turn the challenges you may be experiencing into opportunities.